You don’t think that I can hear when you try to hide all the fears you feel inside…

I think we all got broken in that one scene and I have no excuse doing this but I honestly just wanted someone to hug Haru—since I obviously cannot OTL— and who else would be best to do that?


"Thankfully, you’re safe…"

I finished the AMV ! (x) HAPPY SASUHINA MONTH.  And from now on I’ll only post SasuHina stuff on my SasuHina blog so some of you can unfollow me ^^ 


This video is so beautiful and sad…

Story:  Haru passed away from drowning in the ocean at a young age. Because of this, Makoto is traumatized and has severe problems with the ocean. Although Haru is dead, Makoto is still able to see Haru which he can’t understand. By the end Makoto faces a problem. He has to save his friend Rei. While managing to get over his fear of the ocean, he dies in the process of rescuing Rei. He wakes up in a sort of purgatory and sees Haru welcoming him kinda then it transitions to some flashbacks of his life. Although he died, he is able to make peace with himself and be happy. 



im sorry

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