Sneak attack -GIF- by h4e

This is so cute! <33


so i saw a post about a flower shop that’s right next to a tattoo shop and how the OTP can meet by working in each one xD

so naturally and not at all OOC i went with Tattoo artist Hinata accepting the parlor’s daily delivery of flowers from Sasuke who says his therapist told him to work somewhere ‘stress free’ for a while.

needless to say this was more stressful than his office job where he was directly supervised by his father and competing on annual report achievements with his brother.


So take care of y o u. And I'll take care of m e. 

We're just lonely h e a r t s, looking for melodies.

I've been looking for a safe way o u t.

Cause I'm in the habit of b r e a k i n g

young girls' hearts.


Lineart/Coloring exchange between 黒檀キセル and モッチ

The wrist grip <3


More Cheerleadr!Hinata and Badboy!Sasuke.

I have a head-canon that he picks her up after practice on his motorcycle and takes her for long rides to all the scenic spots he likes to visit, but rarely shares with anyone because that would really screw with his uber rebel persona.

This AU keeps me up at night


Mah Babeh <3